T A R A   H E M M E R


A transplant to Brooklyn, she hails from the mountains of Northeast Georgia. Graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in Dance and English, Tara is an active creator, dancer, performer, and teacher.

From a young age, she has felt the need to move. Lucky enough to have had the opportunity to shake, rattle, and roll...she has been whizzing around the stage, backyard, abandoned home, etc for the majority of her years. Though attracted to the universality of dance, Tara also has a passion for language. Her writing is mainly for personal use, but often incorporates text into her work. 

Outside of performing and creating her own body of work, she has had the pleasure of working with movement artists such as Nattie Trogdon, Chafin Seymour, Kristin O'neal, Greg Catellier, Maryn Whitmore, Alex Abarca, and Corian Ellisor. Always interested in building community within the art world, in  2012 she and a group of 5 other ladies founded the performance co-op Skwhirlhaus.  Tara has presented her works in numerous venues such as WAX Works (NY), Dance Chance (GA) , AUX Festival (GA), Skwhirlhaus (GA) and Core Dance / The Field (GA). In 2013, she received a grant to create site specific work for Art on the Atlanta Beltline.  Tara has taught at Gibney Dance, Core Decatur, Atlanta Ballet Center for Education, a visiting artist at the University of Georgia, and elementary schools across the city of Atlanta.



A R T I S T    S T A T E M E N T

Dedicated to the investigation of community and space, Tara is constantly questioning how these things interact and converge on a large and small scale. How do we as individuals and as a community create and define place over a short or long period of time? Why are we constantly constructing and deconstructing space? Through non linear-narratives, text, and often quirky symbolism, she strives to find the nuance between the chaotic and calm. Tara hopes her work can encourage community within process, performance, and conversation.